18 Eddy Kite

Use an 18 inch board with 3 nails nails as shown.
Soak spars in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes.
Place on form and let dry  for 2 days.
Stack dowels side by side evenly against nails.

Kite skins may be paper, plastic bag, gift wrap, tyvec, plastic film or?
Spars are 18 inch hardwood dowels, 1/8 in diameter.  
Spars should be bowed 3 inches by pre bending as shown.  
Fasten spars to kite skin with a 1 inch piece of strapping tape (1 in. wide).  Place half of the piece of tape on the front side at  each corner and half on the back side over the spar.
Use scotch tape to secure spars at the center hole
Fasten two tails (ribbon or survey tape), with1-1/2 inches of strapping tape Length: 18 to 20 inches (low wind or indoors), to 30 inches or more (higher winds).
To attach line.  Tie a loop on the end of the line.  Face the kite towards you. Feed the line into hole in center of skin from front, crossing over both spars and back out. Feed winder into the loop to create a hitch knot.
Now Go Fly A Kite!
Remember, Safety First!